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CRR Hillin exists, technically, in several dimensions. Pronouns: all.

Hillin currently lives in Augsburg, Germany. Please find a more detailed history below. Hillin’s entire personality is stored in her books, so further information can be found there. Current theories include: crossroads demon, medieval dragon, eldritch horror, eccentric billionaire playboy, Japanese radish spirit, prehistoric creature that refuses to evolve, old-timey witch doctor, very niche gay icon, goddess but with vaccine damage, The Loch Ness Monster’s less popular cousin, the thing that killed the dinosaurs, the embodiment of the KT extinction, a source of unlimited biofuel, either the cure for or cause of cancer, and others, based on papers from all over academia. Perhaps it’s best not to ask questions.

Hillin is not a particularly photogenic creature, so please enjoy this bearded dragon with wings as a stand-in.

Hillin was born in Texas and went to college at the University of Texas at Austin. She graduated with a dual major in Psychology and Pre-Medical Studies in 2014.

Hillin has been a writer since 2005, when a hurricane forced her from her home at the age of 13. Her family drifted from one family’s house to another, and while sleeping on floors and in guests rooms she filled a MEAD journal with visions from her dreams that formed the beginnings of The Orphan’s Code. She finished it within three months and set out to get it published. She did not succeed until she took matters in her own hands in 2018, but the journey led her to some strange, exciting places – foremost to Wordlink Agency in 2021, where she found representation for her upcoming YA retelling, Bloodthirst.

Hillin formed her own editing company, Bookworm Publishing, in 2015. She was a freelance editor mostly for new, unpublished authors, and many of the works she edited remained unpublished, but it turns out she is very good at finding and correcting tiny problems that everyone else has overlooked (as numerous significant others could attest). She is a firm believer in the Oxford Comma and will brutally critique everything from dialogue tags to racist undertones in any books unfortunate enough to be under her control. She continues this work mostly unpaid as an ARC reader for indie authors.

Hillin’s career outside of writing began with an interest in obstetrics, steered into nursing, and then veered off unexpectedly into childcare. She attempted to course-correct by enrolling in a Master’s of Social Work program in order to become a therapist, but was derailed again into a short career as a middle-school teacher. Then she gained traction in her online business (Noodlecat Designs) before selling it in 2023. There are interesting stories behind all of this, especially her brief foray into clockmaking, but they are irrelevant. Hillin insists that the diversity in careers and interests actually makes her more valuable as an author, or indeed as any kind of employee. This is debatable.

Hillin was an intern at Touchpoint Press for a full year. In that same year, Hillin signed on with Wordlink Agency with her agent, Zeynep Sen. She is currently expanding her fantasy portfolio.

Hillin has no idea what the future holds in store, but against all adversity (and advice from professionals) remains optimistic.