I do a little bit of everything aside from writing, switching between hobbies or research topics in my down time. This gives me the opportunity to take a more holistic approach to any project I undertake as well as adding different perspectives to my work.

This website is also designed and managed by me.

PublishingGraphic DesignDigital ArtMixed Media3D ModelingVideo Game WritingEditing


Represented by Zeynep Sen of Wordlink Agency

• The Autistic Guide to Autism (2024) with Apollo Press, head editor Drew Adarla (in collaboration with TikTok celebrity Elora Dodd, an illustrated nonfiction “inside look” to misunderstandings about autism, how the autistic brain works, and what it’s like to be an autistic adult, complete with activities, games, and prompts. For all ages.)

• Current Fiction Works in Review by Editors:

  • The Orphan King series (New Adult fantasy) – A “queer/feminist Game of Thrones” epic about a lost prince, a sadistic king, and the group of outcasts and orphans at the heart of a violent uprising. After the execution of a vigilante rebel that she worshipped as a hero, a homeless girl named Rose stumbles across his family, who have taken up his mantle as they struggle to pick up the pieces. They don’t want her, but if they want to survive the king’s increasingly desperate search for the lost heir, they’ll need to follow her lead.
  • Ad Victoriam (contemporary fantasy) – Toria, a human raised by two vampire dads, lived a sheltered life–right up until supposedly immortal beings started being killed. With her fathers missing and her home gone, she sets off to make things right, only to discover that immortality is the least of the wonders that the supernatural world has to offer. She’ll have to travel across the world, under the sea, and through time to uncover the clues her fathers left behind.
  • Bloodthirst (YA Fantasy) – A dark Snow White retelling set in an Aztec-inspired empire. All her life, Miqua has been set apart, groomed as an avatar of the Goddess of Death. She dreams of hunting down the monster who attacked her as a child – Iztacectla, a creature with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood who stalks the night and rips out the throats of men. But when Iztacectla reemerges, the empress won’t let her go. An outcast slave is her only ally as she seeks to prove her mettle and finally have her revenge.
  • Cancelled (contemporary/based on a true story) – A graphic designer tries, and fails, to walk the line between an entrepreneurial spirit and stepping on the toes of a small, cliquish community. But if they’re going down, they’re going down on their own terms.
  • Project Alpha (Middle Grade Dystopian) – “The Hunger Games if Artemis Fowl were a tribute”. In a distant future where huge corporations have replaced the world’s governments, each country drafts a teenage champion for an elaborate battle to the death. When Sam, a scrawny 12-year-old with crutches and the life expectancy of a mayfly, is drafted, everyone writes him off. His competition consists of some of the world’s most highly trained teen athletes. But there’s one thing they don’t know: Sam is the greatest genius the world has ever seen, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve. It’s a game he can’t hope to win, but he isn’t going down without a fight.
  • Wingless (Young Adult fantasy) – Some faeries are born without wings. And they do just fine on the ground, thank you very much – until beautiful, charming boys fall from the faery world and show them what they’re missing. And then die. Nira can’t go back to her former life as an outcast, so she makes a deal with a witch. There’s magic out in the land of giants, magic that can bring her lost love back from the dead, if she is brave enough to go out and claim it.

Graphic Design

I do custom book covers and dust jackets for Etsy shop @noodlecatshop (formerly @noodlecatdesigns). My specialty was “gilded” dust jackets, which were old-fashioned covers meant to look like leather and/or gold foil. This mock-up shelf includes the spines of every jacket I designed for Noodlecat that sold at least one copy.

A mock-up bookshelf of the unique designs I made for Noodlecat Shop. I photoshopped, edited, formatted, and ordered prints of every item in the shop, but these are my own designs from scratch.
I created these three covers for my own fantasy series. The Orphan’s Code was originally published in 2018 with a different cover. In 2019 I redesigned the covers of the trilogy to a more modern look, learning Photoshop and Indesign in the process. The Sword and the Rose was first published in 2020, and Blood and Fire will be released in 2024.

Digital Art

A poster I drew for The Orphan’s Code
Quick doodle for a client
The cover illustration for a children’s book that I am working on for my son.
Experimenting with a different art style for a Raybearer dust jacket.
Applying a tattoo-artist style to Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.

Mixed Media

Sprayed Edges sold in my Etsy shop, created using handmade stencils and an airbrush.

3D Modeling

Prototype model created over the first weekend I learned Blender.

Video Game Writing

A brief clickthrough of the first part of a video game script I made using Articy.
Articy is great, but Google Sheets is free.


From 2010-2018 I was a freelance editor. I edited about two dozen novels total, but the following have been published: