In the Azhuacan Empire, everyone has their place.

Slaves and masters, sacrifices and priestesses, gods and mortals – everyone has their role to play to keep the Empire thriving. So when a monster called Izcacectla threatens the order of their world, why won’t the Empress destroy it?

Miqua, tasked by the gods after surviving an attack by Izcacectla, believed she understood her role: to find and kill the monster. But when she finally gets the chance, the Empress refuses to let her leave. Miqua will have to prove herself before the entire empire if she is to be allowed to begin her hunt – and once she does, she may find more than she bargained for out in the wilds. What is Izcacectla? How did Miqua survive her as an infant? And what secrets is the Empress still keeping from her?

Bloodthirst is due to be published in Fall 2021.